Cynthia Chung

Partner, Deacons

Cynthia Chung is head of the Corporate Commercial group and also leads the HR and Pensions practice.  She has considerable experience in all labour-related matters and obtaining employment visas for expatriates and their families.  She also advises on occupational retirement schemes and the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF).  Chung is also experienced in the setting up and advising on on-going requirements of companies limited by guarantee e.g. private clubs and non-profit organisations.

The recent explosive uncovering of the railway construction scandal by whistle-blowers not only flagged concerns about its potential impact on public safety, but also alerted employers to the...
11 October 2018
Preventing Employees from Competing The extent to which an employer can prevent employees from competing varies, depending on whether it is during employment or post-employment. During employment...
6 April 2016
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