Frank Ramos

Clarke Silverglate (Florida, USA), Partner

Francisco (“Frank”) Ramos, Jr. is the administrative partner of the Miami litigation boutique firm of Clarke Silverglate, P.A., where he practices in the areas of personal injury defense, product liability, employment and commercial litigation. He has written five books - Go Motivate Yourself, From Law School to Litigator, The Associates’ Handbook, Attorney Marketing 101 and Training Your Law Firm Associates. He has written over 150 articles and has edited four books - The Defense Speaks, The Trial Tactics Defense Manual, The Deposition Manual and Leadership for Lawyers. 

Effective legal writing cuts through the noise and legalese, avoids long descriptions and overworked narratives, and gets to the point. It grabs the reader’s attention and holds onto it. Lawyers have...
11 December 2017
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