Mardi Wilson

Head of Eversheds Agile, Hong Kong

Mardi Wilson is the Head of Eversheds Agile, Hong Kong, leading the service offering for high quality, interim legal professionals in Hong Kong as part of Eversheds Agile international expansion of into the Asia market.

Ms. Wilson has 16 years experience in recruitment and HR and has been with Eversheds since 2010. As Head of Eversheds Agile, Hong Kong, she is responsible for sourcing and selecting candidates with the right calibre and experience to then match these lawyers with short term opportunities with an outstanding list of clients, many clients being household names in the international and Hong Kong market.

It’s been eight years since the start of the global financial crisis, and like a bushfire that has left turmoil in its wake, recovery and regrowth soon follows. Given the time that has now passed,…
December 2016