Nancy Leung

Partner, Leung & Lau, Solicitors LLP

Nancy is a solicitor and mediator. She co-founded Leung & Lau, Solicitors with Mr Jonathan Lau in 2004. Her principal area of practice is insurance. During her practice, she has handled a substantial number of insurance matters, both contentious and non-contentious and has been panel lawyer for many core players in the insurance markets. Nancy was a deputy district court judge,a columnist for the Hong Kong Economic Journal and is also the author of bestseller books called “The Legal Traps.” Nancy has an LLB from HKU and an LLM from Cambridge.

“How much will I get?” or “What’s my claim worth?”. That and the flip side of the coin: “How much should I expect to pay?” These are the questions that have been asked for as long as there have been...
10 November 2020
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