Professor Julien Chaisse

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor

Professor Chaisse is an award-winning specialist in international economic law with particular expertise in the regulation and economics of foreign investment. He also researches in areas such as WTO law, international taxation and the law of natural resources. As a practitioner, he is engaged as an expert, counsel and arbitrator in international dispute settlement. Professor Chaisse currently advises the E15 Task Force on Investment Policy, sponsored jointly by the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) and the International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development (“ICTSD”). His most recent publication is International Taxation – Law and Practice in Hong Kong and China (The Hague: Kluwer Law, 2015). 

Launched by CUHK's Professor Julien Chaisse in 2015, the Asia FDI Forum series provides a multi-stakeholder platform anchored in Hong Kong for participants from academia, government, the private...
1 November 2016
The Faculty of Law of Chinese University of Hong Kong organised an international conference in late March 2015, on the topic of “Managing the Globalisation of Sanitation Water Services: ‘Blue Gold’...
10 June 2016
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