Professor Wanbil W Lee, DBA, FHKCS, FBCS, FHKIE, FIMA, Chartered Mathematician

President of the Computer Ethics Society

Professor Wanbil W. Lee is a cyberethics evangelist, Founder and President of The Computer Ethics Society, and Principal of Wanbil & Associates. He is also Co-founder of The Hong Kong Computer Society, Advisory Board Member of the European Centre of eCommerce & Internet Law, and Member of the Nous Global International Experts Network. Professor Lee sits on committees or advisory boards of several professional bodies, government agencies and editorial boards. His experience spans business, government and higher education; his education embraces Mathematics, Computing and Management. He evangelizes through publishing his work on Ethical Computing and Cybersecurity, teaching the subject Computer Ethics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, consulting, training or speaking to various organizations including the Hong Kong Police Force, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, the Hong Kong Jockey Cub, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the China Light & Power Co. Ltd. (CLP), the University of Vienna Faculty of Law, the University of Newcastle School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Australia, the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, the Hong Kong Computer Society, the Law Society of Hong Kong, and international conferences on Info-security, etc.

Many of us, specialists and laymen alike, get excited about DX technologies, especially AI, because these people believe in mythical power of the algorithms, smart, non-biased, capable of making...
30 January 2020
Data privacy breaches, the most sensational of cyberattacks and the most covered of data ethics issues in the media, amount a tripartite concern that traverses the domains of ethics, information...
11 July 2019
INTRODUCTION Data privacy breaches matter to lawyers as it is a tripartite concern traversing ethics, information security, and law. Further, it is the most sensational of cyberattacks and the...
5 June 2019
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