Rob Ashing

Hodgart Associates Ltd, Director

Mr. Ashing has worked in legal services for over 15 years both as an external strategy consultant to professional services firms and in-house for a number of large international law firms. He has lived and worked in the UK, US and Africa. Prior to rejoining Hodgart Associates in 2016, Mr. Ashing spent nine years in the Asia Pacific, including four years in Hong Kong.

Mr. Ashing works with clients globally to help develop and support their growth strategies. He has particular expertise in business and organisational development.

Previously, he served on the Board of Justice Centre Hong Kong.

The following is the first in a two-part series of bulletins exploring issues facing small and medium-sized firms in the context of the broader competitive market and with specific reference to Hong...
16 March 2017
Much ink has been spilled over law firm’s broken business models and the need for change. While this issue is not new, law firms have been facing an increasing amount of pressure to improve their...
10 January 2017
Law firms that embrace social media but neglect relationship management do so at their peril. Social media may not have been conceived with corporate marketing in mind but no one could...
21 September 2016
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