Syren Johnstone

Keel Consulting, Director; University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law, Principal Lecturer and Executive Director of the LLM (Compliance and Regulation) Programme

Mr Johnstone has worked for over 25 years in securities regulation and corporate finance. He has undertaken senior management roles regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission and The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. In 2016 he co-authored “Financial Markets in Hong Kong: Law and Practice” (Oxford University Press). Syren holds two masters degrees, in science and law, from Oxford and London universities respectively. He is on the roll of solicitors in England & Wales and Hong Kong. 

Some participants in the crypto/blockchain/DLT industry actively invite regulatory oversight but policy considerations and the usual patterns of legal and regulatory development can mean that wanting...
6 November 2018
Abraham Lincoln famously posited that if one calls a tail a leg it doesn’t mean that a dog has five legs. Similarly, a blockchain-based token offered in an initial coin offering (‘ICO’) may,...
6 March 2018
The Market Misconduct Tribunal recently found that a no material adverse change (“no-MAC”) statement published by CITIC Limited in 2008 did not constitute market misconduct under s. 277 of the...
14 July 2017
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