Tanya Parmanand

Paralegal, WMC Partners

Upon completing her LL.B. degree at the University of Warwick, Tanya took the year working as a paralegal at WMC Partners before commencing her PCLL in August 2021. With the firm’s broad range of practice areas mainly in civil and commercial matters, in commercial disputes, Tanya assists partners of the firm in both local and cross-border litigation, acting for a wide range of clients including individuals, educational institutions, private equity funds/partners and multinational companies. Tanya is diligently building up her knowledge and insight of the law in real-life practice.

CHAN HON V. BAYER HEALTHCARE LIMITED, BAYER DIAGNOSTICS LIMITED AND BAYER WEIMAR GMBH UND CO. KG [2020] HKCA 1090 On 31 December 2020, the Court of Appeal in this case allowed the appeal of the 2nd…
July 2021