Xin Fang

Mayer Brown JSM, Senior Associate

Xin Fang holds a First-Class Honours Master’s Degree in Corporate Law from the University of Cambridge. She has worked at Mayer Brown JSM since 2010, focusing on international mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and private equity transactions.

“Do we really need detailed deadlock mechanisms? It’s very difficult to anticipate what will happen in ten or twenty years’ time, can’t we sort it out then?” This is not an uncommon question from...
16 May 2018
In an acquisition or a joint venture transaction, the first substantive document on which the parties sign their name is the memorandum of understanding (the “MOU”). To a large extent, the MOU...
19 April 2017
“What keeps these patriarchs awake at night is succession to the next generation”, said Kevin Herbert, HSBC’s co-head for private banking in north Asia, as he spoke to the Financial Times in March...
12 July 2016
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