15km Open Water Extreme Marathon Swim – Cold Half 2019

On 26 January, the Law Society Swimming Team participated in the Cold Half 2019, a winter marathon charity swimming event where participants had to complete a challenging 15-km swim from Stanley Beach to Deep Water Bay Beach within six hours. Our two relay teams were formed by Ms. Helen Ho, Mr. Ronny Tang, Mr. Pierre Lui and Mr. Alfred Leung. None of them had participated in any competition with swimming distance of more than 3 km before, let alone extreme swimming challenges. Although the teams had “tested the waters” and had a good taste of the chill prior to the event, the wind and big waves on the race day was quite unpredictable. Turning the corners at Stanley Peninsula, the waves were too high for Helen that she could hardly get her arms out of water. Ronny suffered from seasickness and only managed to lay flat. Pierre and Alfred swan further out in the sea, though a longer route, to avoid the choppy conditions. Pierre even swam backstroke and butterfly to display his pleasure!

It was the perseverance, determination and the courage to stretch one’s limits that have driven the team to achieve a target that was initially unimaginable and reach the finish line at respectful times – Helen and Ronny came second in Mixed Relay at 5½ hours, and Pierre and Alfred came third in Men’s Relay at 5 ¾ hours!

Crystal Koo, a first-year trainee solicitor, completed the Cold Plunge, a 1.5-km race held concurrently with the Cold Half at Deep Water Bay. Well done Crystal!

Reported by Helen Ho