2016 Annual General Meeting (“AGM”)

Over 140 members attended the AGM held on 26 May at the Law Society Clubhouse. Apart from the AGM proper, three presentation ceremonies took place on the same occasion.

The first was the presentation of a certificate of recognition to our members who have been admitted for 50 years or more. This was the first year that the certificate of recognition was presented to our long-standing members. Up to the date of the AGM, 33 solicitors have been admitted for 50 years or more and remained registered as members of the Law Society.

Law is a profession rooted in helping others. Not only do we assist clients, we also assist each other through difficult problems we encounter while practicing. Mentoring is the best tradition of our profession that exemplifies this culture. By allowing junior members to observe and ask them how different situations should be handled and through sharing their wealth of experience and rendering unfailing support, our senior members instill values by example and preserve this culture and our legal heritage.

The second presentation was the admission of Mr. Kan Ka Chong, Frederick and Mr. Tsoi Hak Kong, Herbert to the Roll of Honour in recognition of their distinguished service to the Law Society and its Council, the development of the legal profession in Hong Kong and the practice of law. Mr. Tsoi served on the Council from 1993 to 2005, during which time he was elected Vice President (1997–2000) and President (2000–2002) and Mr. Kan was a Council member from 1997 to 2002. Both of them continue to contribute to the work of the Law Society for the benefit of the legal profession after their resignation from the Council.

The third was the presentation of the awards in relation to the Law Society’s sports and recreational activities. These awards included the Award for the Founding Chairman of the Recreation and Sports Committee for Mr. Ambrose Lam and Outstanding Performance Award 2016 for Mr. Anthony Lai, Ms. Catherine Lau and Mr. Stanley Chong. 


The amendments to the Solicitors Accounts Rules (Cap. 159, Sub. Leg. F) will come into effect on 1 July 2016.

Monthly Statistics on the Profession

(updated as of 30 April 2016):

Members (with or without practising certificate)


Members with practising certificate

8,693 (out of whom, 6,604 (76%) are in private practice)

Trainee Solicitors


Registered foreign lawyers

1,336 (from 31 jurisdictions)

Hong Kong law firms

860 (47% are sole proprietorships and 42% are firms with 2 to 5 partners)

Registered foreign law firms


Civil Celebrants


Reverse Mortgage Counsellors


Solicitor Advocates

39 (34 in civil proceedings, 5 in criminal proceedings)

Student Members


Registered Associations between Hong Kong law firms andregistered foreign law firms (including Mainland law firms





Secretary-General, Law Society of Hong Kong