2018 Rule of Law Swimming Marathon

On 4 August, Ms. Chang Lai Shan Eliza, Honourary Swimming Captain and former Chairlady of the Recreation and Sports Committee, Mr. Che Wai Hang Allen and Mr. Wong Yu Ching Eugene of the Law Society Swimming Team took part in the 2018 Rule of Law Swimming Marathon and made history by swimming across the Qiongzhou Strait from Hainan to Xuwen County of Leizhou Peninsula, being the first batch of Hong Kong swimmers and the first Hong Kong relay team ever to complete the feat!

From left to right: Mr. Wong Yu Ching Eugene, Ms. Chang Lai Shan Eliza and Mr. Che Wai Hang Allen.

The Marathon was co-organised by The Swimming Club of Guangdong Lawyers and the Law Society’s Swimming Team. A total of three relay teams were formed for this event.

We set off at 5:50 am and finally made it to the Xuwen County of Leizhou Peninsula shoreline at 3:48 pm in the afternoon. Swimming across the Qiongzhou Strait was a real test of endurance. The changing currents in the sea added extra kilometres to the swim. Our team of three spent a total of 9 hours and 48 minutes to complete the unorthodox journey of 24.4 km.

Ms. Eliza Chang and Mr. Allen Che changing leg in the sea during the relay cross.

We persevered through the long distance and currents in the sea and demonstrated great sportsmanship, courage and team spirit. We conquered the Qiongzhou Strait and pushed ourselves beyond what we believe are our physical limitations. We found new grounds both psychologically and physically in the open water. Swimming across the Qiongzhou Strait was a special way to challenge our own boundaries as swimmers. It was really an amazing and unforgettable experience for the team!

We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to Haikou Hai Niu Strait Crossing Club, a renowned organisation in Hainan which was responsible to assist the teams to cross the Qiongzhou Strait. It provided superb arrangement for the entire logistics with safety briefing, escort pilot boats, observation service and authentication of the cross.

Guangdong and Hong Kong lawyer swimmers and Mr. Wu Qi Yu, Captain of Haikou Hai Niu Strait Crossing Club.

Reported by: Chang Lai Shan Eliza