The 6th Culinary Vacation: Experience Taipei through Cuisine
Event date: 
21 July 2017 to 23 July 2017

Following the success of its culinary vacations in Lyon, Chengdu, Naples, Barcelona and Seoul since 2011, the Cookery, Food and Wine Appreciation Interest Group led a party of 45 foodies on 21–23 July to embark on a food-packed exploration of Taipei’s most loved culinary traditions, as well as the city’s latest food trends.

The three-day tour kicked off with a dinner in a 1920s-esque, avant-garde re-done colonial house, now a restaurant specialising in vintage Taiwanese cuisine that showcased a taste of the history, the art of local dishes, and the charm of a bygone era. Every dish was made from fresh and organic ingredients and elegantly presented. 

No trip to Taipei would be complete without a trip to at least one of its night markets. The group attended the famous "Millennium Feast", a seated themed-dinner whereby over 20 signature dishes selected from the Ning Xia Night Market were brought to the dining table for tasting. 

We also gathered late at night at a Taiwanese pub bedecked with rustic and vintage home décor, where grilled seafood, handmade sausages, and other delectable dishes were served with Taiwanese beer.

The highlight of the tour was the two-day cooking programme in which participants put on their aprons to whip up local specialties including xiao long bao, oyster omelette, stir fried pumpkin rice noodles and innovative “molecular gastronomy” dishes, under the guidance of Chef Dai Yu Yi, an award-winning chef.

The tour concluded with a dinner at one of Taipei’s trendsetting restaurants, which was on Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants 2017 list. It is a restaurant which crafts fine dishes from local Taiwanese ingredients and brings the concepts of haute cuisine to Taipei in a chic and comfortable atmosphere.

Members who are interested in joining the events organised by the Cookery, Food and Wine Appreciation Interest Group, please feel free to contact Wendy Fung of the Member Services Department at

Members of the Cookery, Food and Wine Appreciation Interest Group at the cooking class.

The “molecular gastronomy” dish: Mango sphere with fois gras pastry.