Article by CUHK JD Student Benny Chung Published in Trusts & Trustees, Oxford University Press

CUHK Law JD student, Chung Cheuk Kwan Benny, has an article “Fraud Prevention? Dehors? Or What?: why secret trusts are enforced?” published in the journal Trusts & Trustees (Volume 24, Issues 2, Oxford University Press). Trusts & Trustees is a leading international journal on trust law and practice and is an essential source of reference for academics and practitioners specialising in trusts, members of the judiciary and regulatory bodies, and institutional libraries.

In his article, Benny seeks to discuss the flaws of the fraud theory and the dehors the will theory, and justify the enforcement of secret trusts with the conscience-estoppel theory, a theory that is built upon two established equity principles. He has cited the publications of CUHK Law Professors Steven Gallagher and Stephen Hall in his article, the full text of which can be viewed at