Book Talk: An Ongoing Journey

The book talk on 11 October 2018 brought together two prominent alumni of the Faculty, Professor Johannes Chan and Dr Margaret Ng, to talk about their recently published recollections on law and politics in Hong Kong. The talk was very inspiring: the sharing of Professor Chan reminded us of the underlying values of law and the prevalence of law in ordinary daily life. The collection of his most memorable cases has renewed in us the calling to the legal profession, and to upholding of core values of rule of law. The conversation between Dr Ng and Dr Marco Wan, one of the two discussants, highlighted the element of time in a generation’s struggle to preserve the system and values of Hong Kong after the handover in 1997. As suggested by Cora Chan, the other discussant, while reading the 2 books, readers would reflect on the uniqueness of the political and legal environment in Hong Kong which inspires a deeper understanding of our current political and social issues.