Ceremonial Opening of the Legal Year 2019 in Hong Kong

The Ceremonial Opening of the Legal Year 2019 (“OLY”) was held on 14 January. Distinguished bar leaders and presidents of law societies from 20 jurisdictions around the world gathered in Hong Kong to witness this solemn ceremony. This year, we are glad to have 70 guests from 45 law associations joining the event. Apart from attending the OLY Ceremony at City Hall, the overseas delegates were invited to participate in a number of OLY activities during the day.

The day started with a visit to the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal. The Hon. Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma welcomed the delegates, and our guests were provided with a historical overview of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal building, which was followed by a guided tour.

Jointly with the Hong Kong Bar Association (“HKBA”), we hosted a series of activities for our overseas guests, including a Presidents’ Roundtable on the topic of “Legal Profession as a Talent Platform”, a luncheon and a dinner reception graced by the presence of the Secretary for Justice. It was a valuable opportunity to showcase Hong Kong’s hospitality, strengthen connections with our counterparts around the world and to update each other on the developments in the legal sector in our home jurisdictions.

At the OLY, the Chief Justice, the Secretary for Justice, the President of the Law Society and Chairman of HKBA all delivered enlightening speeches. The speech made by the President of the Law Society has been posted on the Law Society website.

It was an honour for the Law Society to have assisted the Judiciary in coordinating the participation of all overseas, PRC, Taiwan bar leaders and legal representatives on this occasion. We would further like to express our appreciation to the Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng SC who attended the dinner reception.

Meetings with representatives of several overseas lawyers associations, including International Association of Lawyers (UIA), The Law Society of England and Wales, Mongolian Bar Association and Canadian Bar Association were conducted on 15 January to discuss opportunities for future collaborations.

Ceremonial Opening of the Legal Year 2019.

Secretary General Heidi Chu welcomed delegates at the Presidents’ Roundtable.

Over 50 delegates from different jurisdictions attended the Presidents’ Roundtable.

Delegates enjoyed the dinner reception jointly hosted by the Law Society and HKBA.

President Melissa Pang spoke at the Ceremonial Opening of Legal Year 2019.