China takes steps to support flexible employment through multiple channels


On 28 July 2020, the State Council issued the Opinions on Supporting Flexible Employment through Multiple Channels ("Opinions"). The Opinions introduce various steps taken by the government to support flexible employment (which generally includes self-employed workers, part-time employment and emerging employment models). We highlight the key points below.

  • Create more job opportunities. The government will expand and upgrade certain industries where part-time workers are commonly used, such as cleaning, retail and construction. The government will boost the development of emerging employment models (e.g., e-retailing, mobile travel, online education, internet healthcare).
  • Guarantee workers' benefits and interests. The government will formulate relevant labour and social security regulations for flexible workers working at internet platform enterprises. Internet platform enterprises should consult with their workers regarding remuneration, rest and leave, work safety, etc. The local union is encouraged to consult with the guild or enterprise representative to set up labour quota, working hours, disciplinary policies, etc.
  • Improve self-employment business environment. The government will make efforts to eliminate unreasonable restrictions hampering flexible employment, and encourage individuals to start up their own businesses.


The PRC government is developing legislation to better protect flexible workers' rights and interests. The Opinion reveals the government's commitment to stabilizing the overall employment environment, likely due to the slowing economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Head of China Employment Practice, Baker McKenzie, Hong Kong

Partner, Baker McKenzie, China

Partner, Baker McKenzie, China