CityU successfully held the Opening Ceremony for the 12th Advanced Programme for Chinese Senior Judges cum the Closing Ceremony for the 8th Master of Laws Programme for Chinese Judges

The Opening Ceremony for the 12th Advanced Programme for Chinese Senior Judges cum The Closing Ceremony for the 8th Master of Laws Programme for Chinese Judges was held on 30 May 2018 in the Connie Fan Multi-media Conference Room at the City University of Hong Kong.

The officiating guests attending the Ceremony included Ms. Teresa CHENG Yeuk-wah, GBS, SC, JP, Secretary for Justice, Department of Justice, Mr. Lester HUANG, JP, Council Chairman, CityU, Prof. HUANG Wenjun, President, National Judges College, Prof. Way KUO, President and University Distinguished Professor, CityU, Dr. WANG Zhenmin, Director-General, Department of Law, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR, Dr. ZHOU Lulu, Director-General, Department of Treaty and Law, Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in the HKSAR, Dr. LI Xiaomin, Vice President, National Judges College, Mr. Thomas Shiu Tsung SO, President, The Law Society of Hong Kong, Dr. Kennedy Ying Ho WONG, BBS, LLD, DCL, JP, Managing Partner, Philip K H Wong, Kennedy Y H Wong & CO., Mr. GUO Jianan, General Manager, China Legal Service (Hong Kong) Ltd., Prof. WANG Guiguo, President, International Academy of the Belt and Road and Prof. Lin Feng, Director, Centre for Judicial Education and Research and Associate Dean, School of Law, CityU.

Prof. Way Kuo said that the Chinese Judges Programmes is a feature of CityU. In the decade-long collaboration with the National Judges College, CityU has trained more than 800 Chinese senior judges and junior judges. A new round of cooperation with the Supreme People’s Court and the National Judges College is under way. We will be collaborating on the application of big data in case study in mainland judiciary, making bigger contribution to its judicial advancement.

Ms. Teresa Cheng thought that the Master of Laws Programme not only helped the judges understand common law but also introduced them to the full picture of the application of common law in Hong Kong. The students have gained profound knowledge in the Basic Law, finance and commercial field, intellectual property law and etc.

Prof. Huang Wenjun urged the judge students to embrace the attitude of life-long learning and keep applying new knowledge into practice. Ultimately, he hoped that the idea of fair and justice can be reflected in every single trial. Mr Huang also anticipated that the judge students could use the common law mindset, research method and source of information to further push forward the rule of law in the mainland.

Dr. Zhou Lulu appreciated the insightful collaboration of the two institutes. The collaboration has provided an opportunity for mutual learning and exchanging between Hong Kong and the mainland. She held the view that participation in global governance is a glorious mission. As the number of foreign related cases keeps increasing, an even larger number of international legal talents will be needed in the mainland.

Mr. So Shui Tsung feels very much encouraged that a lot more Chinese judges, through the Chinese Judges Programmes, are now capable of solving disputes with a better understanding of the differences in the two legal systems. The Programmes also familiarize the Hong Kong legal community with the latest legal development in mainland. He hoped that the Programmes could further promote the reputation and level of professionalism of the two regions.

Ms Tan Shuqin (Higher People’s Court of Sichuan Province), student representative of the 8th Master of Laws Programme for Chinese Judges said the past year with the School of Law, CityU had been a very precious experience. She is grateful for the support from her teachers, family, supervisors and colleagues, without which, she would not have achieved that much.

Judge Li Xiao (Supreme People’s Court of the PRC), student representative of the 12th Advanced Programme for Chinese Senior Judges used 4 words to summarize the purpose and voice of the participants: they are eager to “learn” common law knowledge and willing to “share” judicial experience. They are “thankful” for the support from the Hong Kong legal community and will “cherish” this opportunity.

On behalf of the Philip K.H. Wong Foundation, Dr Kennedy Wong presented a cheque of 1 million Hong Kong dollar to the Centre for Judicial Education and Research on the Ceremony. “The mission of the Centre and the work it is carrying out are meaningful. We are glad that we could be part of the course, and I wish the Chinese Judges Programmes every success in the future. ” said Dr Wong.