CityU: Visit by Delegation of Korea University to Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law

Professor Captain Kim In Hyeon, Professor of School of Law and Director of Maritime Law Centre of Korea University, and his six students visited the Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law (“HKCMT”) on 13 February 2017. Dr. Xing Lijuan and Dr. Zhao Liang, Associate Directors of HKCMT and Assistant Professors of the School of Law, City University of Hong Kong, received the delegation.

Dr. Xing and Dr. Zhao welcomed the delegation at the reception. Dr.Zhao further delivered a seminar titled “Chinese Maritime Law and Recent Development” in which he sketched the definition, source and practice of Chinese Maritime Law. However, the highlight of the seminar was Dr. Zhao’s elaborations on recent heated cases from Supreme People’s Court of China concerning bills of lading, maritime salvage and marine insurance.

The seminar ended with an engaging discussion, during which the students from Korea University actively raised questions. In the evening, Professor Captain Kim also met students from CityU School of Law and gave a guest lecture on “Liability of the Time Charterer”.

On behalf of HKCMT, Dr. Xing and Dr. Zhao presented souvenirs. Both sides look forward to more collaborative academic opportunities in the future.