Collaboration between CityU and Université de Fribourg, Switzerland

The School of Law (SLW), City University of Hong Kong (“CityU”) and the Faculty of Law, Université de Fribourg (“UF”), Switzerland have recently reached a collaborative agreement on the Master of Laws Programmes between the two institutions. Both law schools have been working closely on the collaboration.

Under the agreement, each institution will admit up to 10 students into the programme per academic year. CityU law graduates of Master of Laws (LLM) and Master of Laws in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution (LLMArbDR) or students and graduates of Juris Doctor (JD) are eligible to apply. CityU students will be granted a UF LLM Degree upon satisfactory completion of the UF LLM requirements. The UF students of MLaw programme or LLM programme, or their graduates in MLaw programme or LLM programme, are also eligible to apply. UF students will be awarded a CityU LLM degree upon satisfactory completion of the CityU LLM requirements. Both institutions will grant admission scholarship to students with outstanding academic results.

Prof. Geraint Howells, Dean of the School of Law, CityU attended the signing ceremony in Switzerland on 25 April. Prof. Samantha Besson, Vice Dean and Chair of the Faculty’s Commission for Exchange Programs and International Relations and Prof. Astrid Kaptijn, Vice-Rector in charge of the International Relations represented the Université de Fribourg signed the agreement.

From left to right: Prof. Samantha Besson, Prof. Astrid Kaptijn, Prof. Geraint Howells