CONNECTED 2018 2nd Event – Excursion to Lamma Island

The Young Solicitors’ Group (“YSG”) organised the second CONNECTED event of the year on 1 September. 52 mentors and young members joined a half-day trip to Lamma Island.

Participants landed on Lamma Island after a short ferry ride from Central, during which a local tour guide explained the heritage of the island. The event started with a mentors’ sharing session in which Council Member Mr. Jonathan Ross, Mr. Alan Schiffman and Mr. Vincent Chan shared their thoughts and advice on how to deal with office stress and maintain work-life balance. Members enjoyed the sharing and had an interesting discussion with the panel. Due to the unfavourable weather, the original plan of a short hike to the Hong Kong’s first commercial-scale wind turbine ‘Lamma Winds’ had been changed to a visit to the island’s local market where participants enjoyed local delicacies and had a stress-free afternoon with their CONNECTED group-mates before heading back to town.

By way of background, “CONNECTED” is a mentorship and buddy programme first launched in early 2011 to provide a platform for newly admitted members to meet with more senior members of the profession in developing a professional supporting network. YSG holds a number of CONNECTED events throughout the year to encourage participants to regularly communicate with their mentors.

Please keep an eye on our next CONNECTED event and meanwhile, stay connected with the YSG and your group members!

Reported by: George K.H. Chan

(From left in the panel) Mentors Mr. Alan Schiffman , Mr. Vincent Chan and Mr. Jonathan Ross shared their experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

Cheerful faces of the participants after the trip.