Cooking Competition 2017: Night Market Delicacies – Taipei Style

Following the success of its recent culinary trip to Taipei, the Cookery, Food and Wine Appreciation Interest Group hosted the 9th Cooking Competition under the theme of “Night Market Delicacies – Taipei Style” on 22 October.

Eleven teams consisting of over 20 contestants participated in this year’s competition at a modern cooking centre.  The contestants’ task was to cook and present three prescribed dishes that were only revealed to them on the spot, namely, braised pork rice, crispy chicken nuggets and pineapple pastry. After cooking demonstrations and receiving recipes for the three prescribed dishes from the cooking centre, the contestants started off showcasing their individual skills, techniques, styles and unique culinary artistry.

“It’s no surprise to me that many lawyers are food & beverage connoisseurs, but today I was amazed to see so many lawyers with culinary talents and a passion for cooking!” said Samantha Tam, the cooking instructor and one of the judges of the competition.

Dishes were evaluated according to criteria including the contestants’ cooking skills, and the taste and presentation of the dishes. By narrow margins, the awards went to the following teams: Tania Kwan and Johnny Cheung (champion); Karen Lam and Winston Yu (first runner-up); and Rosanna Ng and Morency Mak (second runner–up).

The Cookery, Food and Wine Appreciation Interest Group welcomes ideas and suggestions for the 10th Cooking Competition to be held in 2018. Let’s start planning for this memorable milestone together!

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Champion team received the award certificates from the co-convenors of the Cookery, Food & Wine Appreciation Group Ms. Louisa Lam (first from left), Mr. Nick Chan (second from left) (also Council Member and Chairman of the Recreation and Sports Committee) and the cooking instructor.

Participants at the Cooking Competition.