Coronavirus: How the education system could cope with a shutdown

In February, The University of Law (ULaw) launched a number of initiatives at its Hong Kong campus, including suspension of all face to face teaching, due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in the city.

For all Universities, of utmost importance is ensuring continuity of study for students and to that end that institutions are able to continue to deliver online workshops and lectures in real-time, to ensure students are receiving their scheduled training from home.

Here are some ideas Universities should consider:

  1. Follow the advice from the Government

    To ensure the safety of staff and students, Universities should follow the advice of the Government at all times.

  2. Virtual classrooms

    Students and staff should be provided with links to access the virtual classrooms and staff should have a document to hand that is easy to access, providing the links for the virtual classrooms for each campus.

  3. Student wellbeing

    Ensure dedicated members of staff are on hand to contact students frequently to check on their wellbeing and answer any questions or concerns they may have - this can be done via virtual systems that providers may introduce. Staff should make sure each student knows they’re fully supported throughout this process and that their wellbeing and studies are extremely important to the university.

  4. Extracurricular activities

    The social distancing affects everyone both staff and students, therefore try and schedule extracurricular sessions for students to engage in online. We recommend Universities consider running a broad range of activities to keep both staff and students engaged, whilst continuing learning and development throughout the process.

  5. Regular and consistent communication

    Sharing newsletters with both staff and students during the closure will ensure both parties are kept informed of relevant business updates. This gives Universities the opportunity to communicate any further plans or actions that are being put into place with staff and students.

No one had planned for this outbreak, however, there are many measures providers can put into place to continue educating. I can’t stress enough the importance of following government guidelines and putting strict measures in place based on its recommendations.