CUHK Law Hosted Seminar and Public Lecture by Visiting Professors

On 22 January 2019, CUHK Law hosted a seminar presented by visiting professors Andrew Mitchell and Tania Voon from Melbourne Law School on “Taxing Digital Services under International Economic Law”.

In February, Professor Peter Mirfield, Sir David Lewis Fellow and Tutor in Law of Jesus College, University of Oxford visited the Faculty and delivered a public lecture on “The Right to Confront One’s Accusers: Did Sir Walter Ralegh Die for Nothing?” at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre on 12 February.

Details of the seminar and the lecture are available at the CUHK Law website:

Professor Andrew Mitchell (middle) and Professor Tania Voon (right) with the seminar chair Dr. Antoine Martin.

Professor Peter Mirfield delivered a public lecture at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre on 12 February 2019.

Professor Peter Mirfield.