CUHK Law Hosts a Summer Workshop for Prospective PhD Candidates

From 7–11 August 2017, the Faculty of Law of The Chinese University of Hong Kong hosted a PhD Candidate Summer Workshop on its Shatin campus. Introduced in 2015, the Summer Workshop provides a unique opportunity for prospective students from different jurisdictions and areas of interests to experience life in Hong Kong and look into the possibility of doing a PhD at CUHK Law. This year a dozen individuals were selected to participate in the programme, including those who are earning, or have earned, degrees from institutions such as Harvard University, King’s College London, Leiden University, London School of Economics, National Research University Higher School of Economics, the University of Glasgow, and the University of Oxford.

The five-day workshop was kick-started by a series of warm-up activities and meet-and-greet sessions, where participants met with the professors and current research students of CUHK Law. During the programme, participants gained insights on drafting a successful research proposal and the career prospects of a PhD candidate through a number of thematic seminars and workshops. They also had the chance to tour the CUHK campus, Hong Kong’s High Court and Hong Kong itself. At the end of the workshop, participants presented and received helpful feedback from CUHK law professors and PhD students on their draft research proposals.

The CUHK Faculty of Law PhD Candidate Summer Workshop is co-sponsored by CUHK Law and CUHK Graduate School. Each year, 10–20 promising men and women are supported to fly to Hong Kong to take part in this stimulating one-week programme.

Participants and student ambassadors interact with each other during the warm-up activities.

A diverse and outstanding group of individuals gather to learn about the prospects of doing a PhD at CUHK Law.

Prof. Gregory Gordon (middle) leads a breakout session whereby participants are divided into small groups to meet with CUHK law professors of similar research interests.

Prof. Bryan Mercurio (left) speaks to the participants after giving a seminar on “Writing a Complete Research Proposal”.