CUHK Law Launched Machine Lawyering Blog

The Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development at the Faculty of Law of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (‘CUHK’) launched a Machine Lawyering blog.

The new blog is designed as a public forum to gather together and share ideas and news about how newer technology is changing the practice of law and regulation. Such machine lawyering will impact every aspect of the legal profession, and it is reasonable to assume that the progress of such development will be faster than seen in other areas involving more mechanical activity.

Any topic of current interest addressing issues often thought of under the rubrics ‘fintech’, ‘regtech’ and ‘lawtech’, as well as data privacy and intellectual property are welcomed to be submitted. Submissions, which should be in English and within 450-700 words, may address an important policy or legal question, or also describe a new research publication or product.

To send posts or suggestions for posts to the blog, please contact Ms. Susanna Leone at To subscribe or view the blog posts, please visit