CUHK PCLL Student Benny Chung’s New Article Published in Oxford University Press Journal

CUHK PCLL student Chung Cheuk Kwan Benny published a new article titled “Challenging the orthodoxy: a critique of Re Goldcorp and the English law approach to the certainty of subject matter” with Trusts & Trustees (Oxford University Press), a leading international journal on trust law and practice. In his article, Benny argues that Re Goldcorp Exchange Limited is a mistaken Privy Council (PC) decision and that the tangible/intangible dichotomy, which is commonly adopted, is mistaken. Read the article at

This is Benny’s second article published by Trusts & Trustees. His previous article “Fraud Prevention? Dehors? Or What?: why secret trusts are enforced?” published in 2018 is now one of the most read articles of the same journal. Read the article at

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