David Michael Layard Horsfall (the “Respondent”), a Solicitor

Hearing Date

6 June 2016

Findings and Order

6 September 2016

On 6 June 2016, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal found the following complaints against the Respondent proved on his own admissions:

Breaches of r. 2(a) and (d) of the SPR and principle 1.02 of the Guide, in that the Respondent on 13 February 2013 was ordered by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in England to be struck off the Roll of Solicitors in England & Wales.

Having considered the written submissions made by the Respondent and the Applicant, the Tribunal ordered that the Respondent:

  1. be struck off the Roll of Solicitors; and
  2. to pay the costs of the proceedings, including the costs of the Clerk, the costs of the Applicant in the investigation of the matter and the reserved costs, such costs to be taxed on a party and party basis if not agreed.

Mr. Paulus Lau, In-House Prosecutor of The Law Society of Hong Kong, for the Applicant
The Respondent, in person, not present, lodged an affidavit, written submissions in mitigation and a skeleton argument
Mr. Patrick M K Hui, Clerk to the Tribunal

Tribunal Members:
Mr. Ng Man Kin (Chairman)
Mr. Henry Fung
Ms. Yau Lai-ping