Delizioso Italian: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Law Society’s Cooking Competition

On 24 November 2018, the Cooking, Food and Wine Appreciation Interest Group (the “Interest Group”) of the Recreation and Sports Committee (“RSC”) held its 10th annual Cooking Competition. Pens were replaced with mixers, computers were replaced with ovens and papers were replaced with plates as contestants from 10 teams of three battled it out to see who could create the most creative and tasty Italian cuisine.

This year the contestants were truly put through their paces as they were tasked with making a three-course meal with each course increasing in technical difficulty from the last. The three prescribed dishes were pumpkin soup, fresh pizza from scratch, and authentic tiramisu.

Teamwork, coordination, and time management were crucial as teams had to balance whipping egg whites to stiff peak and kneading dough to get that perfect bounce, all the while digging deep into their inner culinary artistry to create their own original pizza design. The judges were truly amazed by every participating team’s effort in designing the most delicious and creative courses which made judging very difficult. After careful deliberation, the judges decided to award four teams and they were:

We were very grateful for being crowned champion and when we were asked to explain our inspiration to the judges, we emphasised how food brings family and friends together, and the presentation of each dish and the combination of flavours symbolise unity and love.

Food brings people together. The three of us studied at different universities and are working at different law firms but were brought together and closer by our passion for cooking and our love for food. We have had many good memories sharing a good meal and this cooking competition has certainly left some fond memories.

Reported by: Jasmine Cheung, Bon Ng, and Angela Yuen


Name of team members


Ms. Jasmine Cheung, Mr. Bon Ng and Ms. Angela Yuen

1st runner-up

Ms. Tracy Lee, Ms. Catherina Leung Huey Ci and Ms. Ngan Sze Ting

2nd runner-up (tie)

Mr. Ng Hung Sui Kenneth, Mr. Derek Ng and Ms. Wong Pak Yan Annie

2nd runner-up (tie)

Ms. Jonie Heung, Ms. Tam Suet Yan Sharon and Mr. Wong Chi Man Simon

Co-Convenors of the Interest Group Ms. Louisa Lam (first from left) and Mr. Nick Chan (first from right) (also Council Member and RSC Chairman), Former RSC Chairlady Ms. Eliza Chang (second from left) with the Champion team.