Editor's Note

With the current supply of senior housing units in China being minimal, and mostly provided by the government, and its aging population growing, China is facing a significant gap in supply and demand in its senior housing market. While the changing demographics offer immense opportunities for foreign senior care providers, foreign investors will need to navigate China’s new policies and legislative moves very carefully. As such, the On China feature highlights ways in which China is encouraging domestic and foreign investment and outlines a number of models foreign investors may choose to approach the senior housing market.

Elsewhere in our March issue, is an article on Hong Kong’s mandatory poll-voting rule, which requires that any vote of shareholders at a general meeting to be taken by poll (Main Board Listing Rules, r.13.39 and Growth Enterprise Market Listing Rules, r. 17.47). In this article, the author outlines a number of drawbacks created by strictly complying with the rule and proposes ways it could be amended to overcome these drawbacks.

Additionally, the Family Law feature summarises key changes proposed in the draft Children Proceedings (Parental Responsibility) Bill and suggests further amendments that could be made to the draft Bill to make it more suitable to resolve familial disputes in Hong Kong; while the Practice Management article addresses how law firms that operate in different jurisdictions can address international conflicts challenges.

Also noteworthy is this issue’s cover story, which deviates from the normal format. In this piece, we remember the Justice Antonin Scalia, who visited Hong Kong shortly before his death on 13 February. The piece recounts memorable moments from an event hosted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, in which Justice Scalia joined Justice Kemal Bokhary in a discussion on ‘Judges and Democracy’.

Finally, keep an eye on our online space. We will launch a new website and start offering an enhanced digital version of the journal this month!


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