Editor's Note

Maintaining and preserving partnerships and alliances is critical to being successful in the music and entertainment industry, which N.Weaver has noted is “full of unconventional people and unconventional deals.” With the number of disputes arising out of artist agreements continuing to increase, the Arbitration article looks at one of Hong Kong’s most-well cited music judgments and explains why arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution may be better suited to resolve these types of disputes than litigation.

Included elsewhere in this issue is a Criminal Evidence feature that examines a case recently handed down by the Court of First Instance, which considered the obligation of the media to assist law enforcement authorities and, specifically, whether the media should be compelled to assist in certain instances when it refuses to do so. The case is the latest of only a handful of authorities in Hong Kong concerning production orders, and provides several guiding principles in this area, which the author highlights.

The On China article analyses one of the most significant current trends in China – the reform of state owned enterprises (“SOEs”). In this piece, the author appraises major drivers, trends and policy objectives of the reform agenda that indicate the Chinese government is committed to ensuring SOEs adapt to market conditions, while maintaining their position as the backbone of the economy.

Also of interest is the Practice Management piece, which identifies two critical variables that law firms must manage to ensure they remain profitable and competitive – namely, the profit per fee earner and the relationships between direct costs and revenues – and explains how they work.

Finally, we recommend taking a look at the After Work write-up, which details exciting new initiatives and upcoming events Women in Law Hong Kong (“WILHK”) is putting on to support all legal professionals in Hong Kong, as well as our next Leisure instalment that provides great insights into the craft of tailor-made suits.

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