Editor's Note: December 2017

It is with great pleasure that I write this as the incoming Lead Editor of the Hong Kong Lawyer. After experiencing roles as in-house legal counsel and Visiting Fellow at a university in Hong Kong, and together with my editorial and publishing experience, I am delighted and excited to take on this role. My vision of the Hong Kong Lawyer is that we will continue to grow its physical and virtual presence amongst professionals, academics, entrepreneurs and institutions, all of whom we rely upon and from whom seek continued support. 

As usual, we have an informative selection of features this month spanning a number of different practice areas. The criminal law feature, for example, examines human trafficking and the methods in which legal practitioners can combat such crime. In this piece, the author describes the most common purpose of human trafficking as that being forced labour. References are then made to various statues and administrative provisions since no single ordinance comprehensively deals with the offence of human trafficking in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s role as a centre for maritime legal services is then explored given that approximately 190,000 vessels visit the port of Hong Kong. The authors then delve into the procedures involved in ship mortgage enforcement and make reference to the recent demise of Korea’s Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd., which was the largest bankruptcy of a container line in history.

The land law feature discusses why the Court of Final Appeal overturned the decision of the Court of Appeal in Penny’s Bay Investment Co Ltd v Director of Lands concerning a piece of land located at Penny's Bay on Lantau Island which is now included in the site of Hong Kong Disneyland in respect of the subject valuation issue.

Also worth taking a look is the Practice Skills contribution, a single page article, which explores effective legal writing that ought to be succinct and yet successfully captures the reader’s attention.

The Hong Kong Lawyer strives to provide extensive information in a digestible fashion in respect of topics of particular interest to the legal community in Hong Kong and overseas. We look forward to receiving readers’ valuable comments and views, allowing us to grow and better serve the Hong Kong community.

Lead Legal Editor, Hong Kong Lawyer