Editor's Note: July 2018

The legal profession has no shortage of stellar lawyers, luminaries who excel in their chosen field in terms of both the quality and the profile of their work. However, the number of those who go above and beyond when it comes to contributing to the development of the legal profession, or to the practice of law, is somewhat fewer. Luckily, Hong Kong has been blessed with quite a few of the latter lawyers, and every year the Law Society of Hong Kong celebrates them by inducting an elite group into its Roll of Honour. This year’s inductees, profiled in our cover feature, have had truly stellar careers. Also featured is Professor Michael Wilkinson, who was admitted as an Honorary Member of the Law Society – the second such admission ever. During his long, illustrious career, he has taught many of Hong Kong’s best lawyers, and is a household name within the city’s legal profession.

Moving on, then, to our four feature articles, where we touch on a wide variety of topical subjects. In an article on Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the authors examine how it seeks to tackle online transnational data and privacy issues through its extra-territorial application. The second article looks at the rise of e-sports, its myriad opportunities, and also legal issues involved: intellectual property, gaming, employment, and dispute resolution Finally, we have overviews of two consultation papers from the Law Reform Commission. The first one shines the spotlight on miscellaneous sexual offences, while the second one is on periodical payments for future pecuniary loss in personal injury cases.

Our Leisure Section looks at how solicitor Candi Anna Chan juggles her legal career and her passion for golf, which has seen her rise to great heights as a referee in the sport. And our Practice Skills section features tips on mediation. We hope you enjoy this issue of the journal, and do not hesitate to contact me with your feedback.