Editor's Note: June 2018

As the Acting Editor of Hong Kong Lawyer, it gives me great pleasure to present the June issue of the Hong Kong Lawyer, which features a number of useful articles for our readers. The issue, which has something of a slant towards arbitration, kicks off with an interview with Matthew Gearing QC, chairperson of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (‘HKIAC’). Hong Kong recently won the bid to host the biennial International Council for Commercial Arbitration Congress 2022, and Mr. Gearing was a key figure behind that. In a wide-ranging interview, he touches on a number of topics, including his career till date, his involvement with the HKIAC, Hong Kong’s importance as an arbitral seat, and so much more.

Then we move to the first of our features, which discusses three ways in Hong Kong maritime arbitration can be enhanced. In our second feature the author highlights Hong Kong’s role in contemporary treaty-making practice, particularly in treaty-based environmental carve- Outs. She concludes that while environmental concerns have long been on the global political agenda – and these concerns are linked to the global concern for economic development, the answer, moving forward, lies in the development of treaty-based environmental carve-outs and exceptions, and Hong Kong is at the forefront of this development. Finally, our feature on building businesses with blockchain provides a very lucid breakdown of what this rapidly emerging technology is, what its applications are, and the legal issues that businesses should consider.

But that’s not all. In our practice management section, the author delivers some important advice to new law firm leaders, while the article on practice skills looks at which industry sectors and growth areas in Hong Kong are seeing the hottest demand for legal talent in 2018- 2019, as well as what the best way to hire and retain top legal talent is. Finally, our leisure section features an article from the multitalented Neville Sarony QC SC who talks about his love for jazz, as well as how that complements his legal career.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have questions or suggestions.