Editor's Note: March 2018

Most of us are aware of the fact that technology, crowdfunding, and ICOs are hot topics at the moment. But what exactly are they and how do they work?

Imagine browsing online and you somehow land on a page that displays some very innovative products but they are merely in the form of an idea or perhaps some prototype has already been produced. The owner of the project(s) is still in need of funds from third parties in order to progress the project(s) by way of mass production and making them available to the consumers. This is known as crowdfunding. It deals with projects or ventures raising funds from various individuals or groups of people through various platforms. The Regulatory feature discusses Hong Kong’s approach in regulating crowdfunding.

It appears that there is more excitement when investing in ICOs rather than in IPOs these days. The Fintech feature explains what an ICO is and examines the relevance of Securities Law in relation to ICO utility tokens. With regard to technology, the Practice Skills section concentrates on eDiscovery technologies and techniques to simplify document disclosures in litigation and arbitration.

Divorces or separation is increasing in Hong Kong and determining custody of the child in such cases can be problematic. What might be even more challenging is when one parent decides to unilaterally take a child across the border which is not uncommon given that Hong Kong is part of China, and the other parent who has full custody of the child wants his or her child back. The Family Law feature shares valuable insights in this context.

Hong Kong is considered as an international legal hub. There are more than one thousand registered foreign lawyers practising in Hong Kong. The President’s Message discusses the regulatory framework that permits foreign lawyers to practise law in Hong Kong.

Ending with a thought of a whiff of the sea, feeling the breeze and hearing the ocean, the Leisure section features Bo Lee’s experience in sailing and competing in the Volvo Ocean Race which Hong Kong hosted for the first time.


Lead Legal Editor, Hong Kong Lawyer