Editor's Note: May 2018

Technology is the topic of the year. However, reproductive technology, in particular surrogacy, is commonly misunderstood. For couples who cannot or choose not to have children naturally, they might ask someone to carry and deliver a pregnancy for them rather than opting for adoption. This is known as surrogacy. Although there is no such thing as a free lunch, the Family feature discusses potential criminal ramifications and risks vis-à-vis commercial surrogacy.

People are constantly thinking about how to invest and make money, which is why joint ventures have become increasingly popular. A joint venture is where two or more parties or businesses work together (as one) and share their resources to achieve a commercial objective. However, disagreements between business partners are unavoidable, and the more business partners there are, the harder it becomes to resolve conflicts. The Corporate feature examines the requirement for deadlock mechanisms in joint venture agreements.

The booming property market in Hong Kong has always been a topical issue. The Land Law feature explains how fire safety directions affect a vendor’s ability to sell his or her property.

The Leisure section features Emma de Ronde who plays field hockey for the Hong Kong Football Club and won the first division league of the Hong Kong Hockey Association (HKHA) two years straight.

Finally, all good things must come to an end - this will be my last issue as Editor of Hong Kong Lawyer. I am grateful to have had an inspiringly large audience, and I hope in return we have kept you entertained and well informed.


Lead Legal Editor, Hong Kong Lawyer