Editor's Note September 2018

The life and wisdom of Moses Cheng, currently chairman of Hong Kong’s Insurance Authority, can provide a number of lessons to younger lawyers, but perhaps the most important one is that one can have a satisfying career, and at the same time be able to devote much time to helping others. Cheng should know; apart from having had a lengthy, successful career, he has also served on the boards of numerous bodies and launched his own public service initiatives. There may be little truth to the myth that legal practitioners could perhaps care more – for the clients, and for society in general – but the myth still exists; and Cheng provides the strongest rebuttal to the same. “Share your love with other people,” says Cheng. “It’s part of my life. I am not doing something very unusual. A lot of people think I am contributing too much time to serve the community, but I believe everyone should do that.”

Moving on, then, to our three feature articles, where we touch on a wide variety of topical subjects. In an article on Hong Kong’s arbitration scene, the author looks at how, in a recent survey, Hong Kong has dropped in the rankings of both most preferred seats and most preferred institutions, and what it can do to reclaim lost ground. In another article, on the fast-emerging technology known as blockchain, the authors look at why stringent data protection regulations being implemented globally may not be enough to tackle the privacy and security concerns posed by the proliferation of personal data, and how a problem caused by network technology may also need to be solved by it. Finally, we have an article on the new rules published by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on the listing of companies from emerging and innovative sectors.

In our Leisure Section, we have an article from Doreen Kong, a well-known property lawyer who is also in love with baking; she describes how her career and her passion complement each other. And our Practice Skills section offers tips to lawyers on how best they can use LinkedIn to stand out in a crowded marketplace. We hope you enjoy this issue of the journal, and do not hesitate to contact me with your feedback.