Faculty Research Seminars by Guest Speakers (March 2019)

CUHK Law regularly hosts research seminars of different topics and interests given by faculty members and guest speakers. The below guest research seminars were held in March 2019:

“Genomic Data Sharing: Challenges and Perspectives” by Dr. Chih-Hsing Ho on 5 March 2019

This presentation by Dr. Chih-hsing Ho, Assistant Professor/Assistant Research Fellow at Academia Sinica, dealt with legal and regulatory challenges of genomic data sharing. It called upon a new form of governance which focuses not only on transparency and social accountability, but also on community participation that goes beyond traditional approach of privacy safeguards via individual consent and anonymity of identifiable personal information.

“Research Methodology in Action: Experiences from Civil Justice and Empirical ADR Scholarship” by Professor Deborah Hensler on 13 March 2019

Legal empiricists use a variety of methods to uncover the facts about the consequences of legal policies. At the seminar, Professor Deborah Hensler, John W. Ford Professor of Dispute Resolution at Stanford Law School, spoke on her research on court-connected ADR systems and class actions in the United States, and compared how scholars and policy makers responded to these studies.

“Say on Pay: The Missing Link Between Shareholders and Management?” by Professors Christoph Van der Elst and Anne Lafarre on 21 March 2019

This seminar addressed the regulatory framework of say on pay and provided evidence on how shareholders make use of this empowering tool. It was presented by Professor Christoph Van der Elst, Professor of Business Law and Economics, and Professor Anne Lafarre, Assistant Professor at the Business Law Department, from Tilburg University.

Details of the above seminars and upcoming seminars are available at the CUHK Law website: www.law.cuhk.edu.hk