Festival Special: MBC Mooncake Workshop
Event date: 
23 September 2017

Mid-Autumn Festival is about reunions, a time to get together and celebrate with family and friends. On 23 September, the Member Benefit Committee (“MBC”) organised a mooncake workshop with a culinary studio situated at Sheung Wan for our members to learn to make mini custard mooncakes. In the workshop, Chef Alex Ling, the founder of the studio, demonstrated the skills and shared with members tips and tricks on how to make mooncake dough and fillings from eggs, milk, sugar and all other ingredients in a perfect way.

Members then tried to make their own creamy custard mooncakes by hand wrapping the custard fillings, shaping the dough, as well as fashioning the “work-in-progress” in the moulds with beautiful patterns in a round-shape (which symbolises completeness and unity in Chinese tradition). After two hours, members were excited to see that their mooncakes had come into being, happily sharing and tasting them on the spot.

With the studio’s cozy and intimate setting, members were able to bond and share their cookery experiences with one another. At the end of the workshop, members were given neatly-designed gift boxes to carry their flavourful creations home. What was equally satisfying was being able to show their love and care for their families, friends and colleagues by sending their freshly custom-made mooncakes to them as a gift for the festival celebration!

Members who are interested in joining events organised by the MBC, please feel free to contact the Member Services Department at ruby@hklawsoc.org.hk.