Golf Tutorial for Beginners at Mission Hills

On 24 March, the Law Society Golf Team successfully organised a golf tutorial at a golf club in Shenzhen. This tutorial gave our members, especially those who were new to the game, a great opportunity to play a full round of golf accompanied by our experienced members.

16 participants were divided into four flights where they practiced short games and warmed up at the driving range. Each flight was led by one or two mentor(s) who shared their golfing skills with their mentees and educated them about golf etiquette. Below summarised some of the many learning outcomes of this tutorial which were only achievable with an on-green practice:

1. how to set up and make proper alignment with a target;

2. how one should dig into the grass and turf to make a divot when hitting the ball; and

3. how to putt the ball into the hole on a green which was full of undulations.

We expressed our sincere gratitude to all our mentors for their support and guidance.

After the tutorial, we all stayed to enjoy a fabulous BBQ dinner together. The tutorial ended with joy, fruitfulness, and most importantly, the cherished memories with our fellow golf team members. Let’s meet again!

Reported by: Mr. Dennis Chan