HKU hosted the 2018 Annual Conference of the International Society of Public Law

As the first of a series of events to celebrate the its 50th anniversary, the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong co-organized with its Centre for Comparative and Public Law (CCPL) and the International Society of Public Law (ICON-S) the 2018 ICON-S Annual Conference on 25-27 June 2018. ICON-S is one of the world’s foremost academic associations dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of public law. The 2018 ICON-S Annual Conference was the Society’s fifth Annual Conference, following its four Annual Conferences (Florence 2014, New York 2015, Berlin 2016, Copenhagen 2017), and was the first time the conference was held outside of North America and Europe. The conference featured top scholars in public law and eminent judges, and more than 700 scholars and researchers from all over the world, who gathered to examine and exchange ideas on a wide range of topics central to public law scholarship and practice today, under an overarching theme of “Identity, Security, Democracy: Challenges for Public Law”. The ten sponsors of the 2018 Conference included some of the world’s most prestigious academic publishers, e.g. Cambridge University Press, Edward Elgar, Hart Publishing, Oxford University Press.

On the first day of the Conference, the Hon. Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma opened the event. The Keynote Address was delivered by the Rt Hon the Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, former President of the Supreme Court of the UK (2012-2017). The speakers at the three Plenary Sessions of the Conference included the following distinguished scholars and judges: Judge Navi Pillay, Yash Ghai, Eva Brems, Justice Ilwon Kang, Kim Lane Scheppele, Lin Tzu-Yi, Frank Pasquale, Karen Yeung and Christopher Yoo. In addition to the three Plenary Sessions, there were 170+ panels (each of three or more speakers) for the Concurring Sessions of the Conference.

24 Faculty members were on the Conference programme to present papers, some more than once. In all six time slots for Concurring Sessions, colleagues were featured in panels along with some of the world’s best public law scholars. The Conference thus showcased the high quality work of our colleagues, and demonstrated how strong and vibrant the Faculty is in the domain of research and scholarship. It also showed to the world how fascinating Hong Kong, Chinese and Asian jurisprudence is.

The Rt Hon the Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury delivering the Keynote Address.

From left: Professor Johannes Chan (Chair), Judge Navi Pillay, Professor Yash Ghai, Professor Evan Brems at Plenary Session I.