HKU Law at 50 – “Sports Spectacular”

To celebrate our Faculty’s Golden Jubilee, the Sports Fiesta (themed “Sports Spectacular”) was jointly organized by the Faculty of Law, the Law Association, HKUSU and The University of Hong Kong Law Alumni Association as one of the very important social celebratory events. The Sports Fiesta provides a great opportunity for our alumni, friends and families to enjoy a fun day outdoor with sports and games, as well as to rekindle old friendships and build new ones in our alumni community. There will be the Law Alumni Soccer Match, track challenges including individual and group races and relays, game booths, art and fun booths, food and drinks and more. Come join us for a fun-filled day with friends and families at the Sports Fiesta on 17 March 2019. All are welcome, free admission.

For registration of the Individual Races and/or Group Races, please visit