HKU Law at 50 Distinguished Lecture Series: “Lawyering and the Rule of Law in Dark Times”

The Faculty welcomes Professor David Dyzenhaus, Paul KC Chung Distinguished Visiting Professor at the public lecture “Lawyering and the Rule of Law in Dark Times” on May 8. Professor Dyzenhaus explained how human rights lawyering is possible even when the rule of law is under great stress and why this possibility is always a morally fraught business. He referred to the concept of politics of legal space and explained that such lawyering requires bolstering the legitimacy of the political regime the lawyers oppose, making it morally fraught. He went on to elaborate his argument by citing examples of the ‘Dual State’ of the Nazi era, the ‘Apartheid State’ of South Africa, the ‘Parallel State’ that unites the legal orders of Israel and the Occupied Territories, and the State that existed in the ante-bellum US.