HKU Law Receives the First Gift for its Golden Jubilee and Gives a Preview of its Celebration

The Eleventh Inauguration of Endowed Professorship sees the establishment of The Warren Chan Professorship in Human Rights and Responsibilities, as well as the successive appointment of The Kerry Holdings Professor in Law. We congratulate Professor Fu Hualing and Professor Douglas Arner for their respective appointments. The Faculty of Law is very grateful to its donors for their support to Hong Kong’s legal education and Rule of Law.

The Faculty of Law’s Endowed Professorships encompass a wide range of specialisations (Notes). The Warren Chan Professorship in Human Rights and Responsibilities underscores the importance of human rights and responsibilities. Professor Fu Hualing, the inaugural appointee, is an internationally renowned scholar in constitutional law, legal institutions, and human rights with a focus on China, and cross-border legal relations in the Greater China region. His work has been important in building the University’s reputation for research and scholarship in relation to China’s law reforms, legal institutions, and civil society.

Mr Warren Chan SC believes that the human rights of everyone should be equally protected, “Human rights are important, and human responsibilities are equally important. Ask not just what your rights are, but also what your responsibilities are, to yourself, to others and to the environment. Every society will have to strike its own balance of such rights and responsibilities.” He is confident that the University is in a good position to continue to play a constructive role in promoting the development of human rights. As an alumnus and close friend of the Faculty, he also wishes that others will join him in supporting the Faculty, especially at this time when Hong Kong’s first law school celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

The Faculty is thankful to Mr Chan and is excited that it is the first gift to the Faculty in conjunction with its Golden Jubilee. “One of the Law Faculty’s greatest assets is its outstandingly loyal alumni. Mr Warren Chan SC’s munificence caps a long and continuing history of support in many shapes and forms. The Faculty undertakes to ensure that every cent will be spent for the betterment of human rights and responsibilities in Hong Kong, and everywhere else in the world,”, said Professor Michael Hor, Dean of Law, who also looks forward to celebrating this happy occasion with donors, alumni, members of the legal profession and the Hong Kong community.

Established in 1969, The Faculty of Law of The University of Hong Kong is the first law school in Hong Kong and one of the most prestigious law schools internationally. The year of 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Faculty. The year-long celebration with the theme “Law, Justice and Humanity: 50 years and beyond” will begin with the largest conference ever organized by the Faculty - the Annual Conference of The International Society of Public Law (ICON-S 2018) in late June 2018. Please visit, a website which will be officially launched in late June 2018, for the latest information of the activities.

Notes: Named professorships in the Faculty of Law are (in chronological order):

  • Sir Y.K. Pao Chair in Public Law
  • Harold Hsiao-Wo Lee Professorship in Trust and Equity
  • Kerry Holdings Professorship in Law
  • Paul K C Chung Professorship in Jurisprudence
  • Cheng Chan Lan Yue Professorship in Constitutional Law
  • Warren Chan Professorship in Human Rights and Responsibilities

Mr Warren Chan SC (left) and Professor Fu Hualing (right).

Professor Michael Hor (left) and Professor Douglas Arner (right).