The Hong Kong Academy of Law

The Hong Kong Academy of Law (“Academy”) organised 42 seminars in August.

Of 42 seminars, five seminars had an audience of over 120. These seminars were:

  1. “Bilingual Legal Practice Risks” conducted on 15 August;
  2. “Professional Conduct 2017” conducted on 16 August;
  3. “Third Party Funding for Arbitration” conducted on 22 August;
  4. “Intestate Succession (Module 1)” conducted on 24 August; and
  5. “Hong Kong e-Legislation” conducted on 28 August.

The seminar “Third Party Funding for Arbitration” held on 22 August provided practitioners with a brief introduction to the Arbitration and Mediation Legislation (Third Party Funding) (Amendment) Bill 2016 and the offerings of third party funders in Hong Kong.

The speakers included Mr. Tom Glasgow, Investment Manager (Asia) of IMF Bentham and Ms. Ruth Stackpool-Moore, Director of Litigation Funding and Head of Harbour Hong Kong of Harbour Litigation Funding. Mr. Denis Brock, Senior Solicitor of the High Court, HKSAR, Council Member and Member of the Arbitration Committee of the Law Society was the moderator.

The seminar entitled “Intestate Succession (Module1)” held on 24 August was presented by Mr. Wong Tak Shing, Partner of Wong Shum & Co.

Speakers, Ms. Ruth Stackpool-Moore (left), Mr. Tom Glasgow (right), and the moderator, Mr. Denis Brock (centre) of the seminar entitled “Third Party Funding for Arbitration” on 22 August.

Mr. Wong Tak Shing spoke at the seminar entitled “Intestate Succession (Module 1)” on 24 August.