The Hong Kong Academy of Law

The Law Society and the Hong Kong Academy of Law organised a total of 32 seminars in March, four of which had an audience of over 100.

One of four seminars was “Corporate Governance, Competition Law and the Board Room” which discussed compliance risk management of competition law and key questions for corporate governance. The speaker was Ms. Suzanne Rab, Barrister, U.K. Over 160 participants attended the seminar.

Another of the four seminars was “A new UK Corporate Governance Code: A complete re-work or much ado about nothing?”. This seminar assessed the new requirements of the UK Corporate Governance Code and discussed how likely they would improve the state of corporate governance in the UK. The speaker was Professor Arad Reisberg, Head of Brunel Law School and Professor of Corporate Law and Finance, Brunel University, London. Over 130 participants attended the seminar.

Both seminars were organised by the Law Society jointly with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries.