Hong Kong Academy of Law

The Hong Kong Academy of Law (“Academy”) organised a total of 35 seminars in August, 3 of which had an audience of over 100.

One of the three seminars was “Case Management - the Common Problems for Discussion on Case Management Hearing, Case Management Conference, Consolidation and Expert Evidence Directions” held on 25 August.

The speakers were Mr. Registrar Lung Kim-wan, Master Andy Ho Chi-yin, Senior Deputy Registrar and Master Herbert Au Yeung Ho-wing, of the High Court of Hong Kong. The seminar addressed the common problems encountered by legal practitioners in conducting case management hearings and case management conferences, and provided guidance on how to avoid common mistakes made in expert evidence directions. The seminar attracted over 370 attendees.

The Academy also organised two seminars entitled “Arbitration for Partnership Disputes” on 17 July and 28 August respectively. Mr. Denis Brock, Council Member and Member of the Arbitration Committee of the Law Society (“Society”) discussed various types of disputes between partners, the ways in which disputes could be avoided and the modes of dispute resolution for dealing with such disputes. Mr. Huen Wong, B.B.S., J.P. Chairman of the Arbitration Committee, Past President of the Society was moderator of the seminars. The two seminars attracted over 140 attendees.