The Hong Kong Academy of Law

The Hong Kong Academy of Law organised 13 courses in February with a total of 527 participants.

One of the 13 courses was “Enduring Powers of Attorney” (“EPAs”) held on 22 February. The seminar discussed how the EPAs would enable the appointed attorneys to take care of the clients’ properties notwithstanding the mental incapacity of the clients. It demonstrated the skills for practitioners to take EPA instructions from elderly clients. Other issues discussed included the pitfalls in completing the form prescribed by the EPA Ordinance, Cap. 501 and the EPA (Prescribed Form) Regulation, Cap 501A, the mental capacity required for making an EPA, the roles of the witnessing solicitor and the witnessing doctor, the logistics and the difficulties of the execution of an EPA, the Continuing Powers of Attorney Bill and the Advance Directive in relation to Medical Treatment. The seminar by Ms. Angelina Luk was conducted in Cantonese and attracted 78 participants.

Ms. Angelina Luk, Consultant Solicitor and Notary Public, T.H. Koo & Associates