Hong Kong Academy of Law

The Hong Kong Academy of Law organised 35 courses in May with a total of 2,066 participants.

One of the 35 courses was “Risks and Common Mistakes in Will Drafting and Probate Practice” delivered by the Chairman and Members of the Probate Committee of the Law Society on 16 May. The course briefed practitioners on their role in preparing and executing wills, the important points to ponder when conducting due diligence in particular in matters involving vulnerable testators, the Golden Rule and the common mistakes in will drafting. In addition, the speakers shared their experiences on the pitfalls they encountered in the recent probate practice, including the pitfalls which should be avoided when filling in the Probate Checklist and the ways to attend requisitions raised by the Probate Registry. The speakers examined Supplement No. 2 of the Guide to Non-Contentious Probate Practice (“Guide”) which came into effect on 30 August 2018 and the risks involved in the application of certain rules in the Guide. The course was conducted in Cantonese and attracted 294 participants.

Another course was the “Anti-Money Laundering Seminar for Lawyers” held on 28 May. The course discussed the key provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance, Cap 615 (“AMLO”) and its application to lawyers, in particular the customer due diligence and record keeping requirements for the legal professionals under AMLO and Practice Direction P. The course also apprised practitioners of their legal obligations and legal professional privilege on the money laundering offences and suspicious transaction reporting (“STR”). In addition, the course provided an overview of and statistics on STR. The course attracted 302 participants.

From left to right: Ms. Angelina Luk, Consultant, T. H. Koo & Associates; Ms. Tam Sau Hing, Sole Proprietor, S. H. Tam & Co.; Mr. Ng Kin Yuen, Partner, Liu, Chan & Lam; Mr. Wong Tak Shing, Partner, Wong, Shum & Co.; Mr. Herbert Tsoi, Partner, Herbert Tsoi & Partners (Chairman); Mr. Billy Ma, Partner, Hobson & Ma; Ms. Viola Hung, Senior Associate, Herbert Tsoi & Partners; Ms. Au Miu Po, Partner, C. P. Lin & Co.; and Mr. Tsang Kam Chuen, Partner, Tsang, Chan & Woo.From left to right: Mr. Shingo Lai, Chief Inspector of Police, Joint Financial Intelligence Unit, Hong Kong Police Force, Mr. Mickey Wai, Assistant Secretary for Security, Narcotics Division, Security Bureau, Mr. Michael Lintern-Smith, Chairman of the Anti-Money Laundering Committee (“AML Committee”) of the Law Society, Ms. Jennifer Fok, Senior Public Prosecutor, Department of Justice and Mr. Alan Linning, Member of the AML Committee of the Law Society.